William specialises in running career taster workshops and a range of skills days in schools, academies and colleges, and is a registered volunteer with Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future.

He establishes the specific learning need before designing a tailor-made solution. His workshops are role-play based, informative, interactive and highly engaging. He believes that ‘learning by doing’ is one of the most effective ways to teach young people essential leadership skills. Examples of his work includes:

  • Business and enterprise workshop days
  • Apprentice and Dragons' Den style challenges
  • Careers guidance
  • Motivational talks
  • Awards and Speech Days
  • Individual or group talks including leadership skills


Case Study

Speech Day with Clifton College

William discussed his views on leadership in business, and spoke of the drive and motivation that is needed to succeed. Mixed in with this general advice were a few pieces of business know-how that William has gained during his many endeavours. William is known for founding TEN LTD. Giving an authentic depiction of the business world, he expounded upon both achievements and struggles he has faced. He also made it clear to the students that entrepreneurs and founders were very lucky to be in a position to take risks, saying that "Some people don't have that choice; they just have to get a job.” He stressed the value of every type of job function to the students: “Entrepreneurs need people around them. You don't have to be the one starting the business. You can be working with them."

“This was the best day our school has ever had from an outside speaker and trainer. The students were speaking about the benefits for weeks afterwards.”


This business masterclass is a one-day event consisting of business orientated tasks designed to engage and challenge students. As well as embedding an enterprise mindset and approach, the day enhances the development of key skills including:

  • team work
  • presentation skills
  • financial management
  • business awareness
  • time management

The aim of the day is to inspire and motivate students and to encourage them to think for themselves, both independently and as part of a team starting a life long approach to decision making. Students will work to time driven goals at an enthusiastic pace. The business masterclass will incorporate:

  • working in mixed teams
  • developing presentation skills
  • the use of role models
  • an introduction to starting a business
  • the challenge of marketing, sales and finance


What do students want from work/life, what is their motivation? This workshop shows them how to put more effort and focus into achieving desired goals. Small group discussion and a time management exercise helps develop their confidence and gives them the tools to use for their own aspirations for the future.

  • Identified their long and short term aspirations and goals.
  • Been given the tools to help them reach these goals.
  • Boosted their self-confidence and vital communication and body language skills.
  • Understood the importance of being motivated and how to use this to the best of their advantage.


What makes a good leader and can anyone be a leader? This workshop identifies the fundamentals of good leadership, the different styles of leadership, analysing attributes, exercises to practise skills. Students will be taught to find tools and techniques to help adopt the correct style to the situation and audience. Includes scenario exercises and problem solving.

  • Appreciate the different styles of leadership
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Engage and motivate others
  • Build trust and a shared sense of purpose
  • How to overcome real-life scenarios
  • Learn how to prioritise decisions
  • How to solve problems creatively