How to manage a micromanager

Micromanagement is about lack of trust. The person who is micromanaging doesn’t believe anyone can do something as well as he or she can. Once you understand this, you’ll be better able to manage a micromanaging boss.

  • First, make sure you keep your commitments. If you tell your boss you’ll complete a task by a certain date and time, make sure you do so. If you can’t, alert your boss to this before the deadline approaches.
  • Next, have a conversation with your boss and remind him or her of your experience bringing projects to completion and ask what concerns, if any, he or she has regarding your ability to do your job. See if you can come to an agreement about how to best move forward. When dealing with micromanagers, it’s best to give choices so they feel in control.

The above leadership tip...
was sent in response to a question from a participant on our 10/10 leadership development and mentoring programme and adapted from Adapted from The Magnetic Leader by Roberta Chinsky Matuson. Whether you're a first time manager or an experienced leader, straightforward, practical advice on best practice is hard to find. Until now. To find out how you, your team or your organisation can benefit, please join us on our next complimentary webinar or contact us.