How to evaluate your relationships

The best way to begin building authentic relationships is to map out your current relationships. This involves sitting down with a piece of paper and creating a map of each person with whom you have a working relationship. Do a quick assessment of those relationships by asking yourself three sets of questions about each person:

  1. Do you know what is important to them? Do you know what they are really after and what their priorities are? If you don’t, there’s probably a gap you need to address.
  2. Do you know anything personal about them? Are they a parent? What’s happening with their family? What do they like to do outside of work? Get to know the complete person.
  3. Do you know if each relationship is positive, neutral, or negative?  If it is negative, ask yourself: “What could happen if this relationship continues to be bad or gets worse? Could it eventually threaten me or my organisation?"

The above leadership tip...
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