How to eradicate complacency

There is no place for complacency in today's business environment. If your team or organisation becomes fat and happy with success, there is a good chance bad times are on the horizon. Complacency or, in other words, comfort with the status quo, can destroy a change initiative. How to identify complacency? Ask the following questions:

  1. Are highly selective facts used to shoot down data suggesting your firm's in big trouble?
  2. Do people bring up past failures to stall new initiatives rather than to learn?
  3. Do people say "We must act now!" but then don't do anything?
  4. Do cynical jokes pervade important discussions?
  5. Are assignments around critical issues frequently completed late or sloppily?
  6. Do people regularly blame others for the company's problems?

The above leadership tip...
was sent in response to a question from a participant on our 10/10 leadership development and mentoring programme and adapted from A Sense of Urgency by John Kotter. Whether you're a first time manager or an experienced leader, straightforward, practical advice on best practice is hard to find. Until now. To find out how you, your team or your organisation can benefit, please join us on our next complimentary webinar or contact us.